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  • Daniel Craig Portrait Study
    Daniel Craig Portrait Study
    Painting made in Photoshop based off photo reference. Only standard brush tools and the eyedropper tool for color accuracy were used; no clone stamping or tracing.
  • Lars – Idle Animation
    Lars – Idle Animation
    Idle animation created in Flash for a character I created parodying Lars Ulrich in my first team game project, "Rock 'N Rumble."
  • Black Sun Facility
    Black Sun Facility
    A 3D environment based off concept art created by Phil Wohr.
  • Black Sun Facility (Unity 3D)
    Black Sun Facility (Unity 3D)
    Unity 3D game engine environment of the Black Sun Research Facility environment based off Phil Wohr's original concept.
  • Samsung Galaxy Live Wallpaper
    Samsung Galaxy Live Wallpaper
    Android Live Wallpaper created using Unity3D at Samsung. Available for download for free.
  • iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3G
    real-time lo-poly + viewport shader Tri-count : 868 diff / spec / normal / env map size : 1024x1024px 3DS Max + Photoshop
  • Sword of Omens
    Sword of Omens
    Fun side project I did in my spare time while attending the Guildhall at SMU. I modeled both the dagger and sword, but decided to create the full transformation sequence using keyframe, bipedal rigging, and morph target animation. Averages about 1,200 views a month on Youtube.
  • Twin Engine Labs Logo
    Twin Engine Labs Logo
    Just a fun little side project I was inspired to do after seeing a short video about a small cool start-up company called "Twin Engine Labs" run by a couple of friends of mine. Check their website out at :
  • Hell’s Belle Animation Reel
    Hell’s Belle Animation Reel
    Animation reel for Unreal Dev. Kit capstone project I worked on for 3 months with a team of 12 other fellow artists/designers/programmers at the Guildhall at SMU.
  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus
    Sexual Tyrannosaurus
    Flash-based logo design / animation designed for team game project. Name was based off a movie phrase said by the famous former governor, Mr. Jesse Ventura. Created in a few hours under tight deadline.
  • Welding Spark Effect
    Welding Spark Effect
    Animated particle effect created in Flash used in part for creating a welding animation in Viva! Mall
  • Eye of Thundara animation
    Eye of Thundara animation
    Eye of Thundara flash animation (shortened) for the jewel in the hilt of the Sword of Omens model I created.
  • JDPoZ Music
    JDPoZ Music
    Artwork I designed for my original music album.
  • 2011 U.I. Reel
    2011 U.I. Reel
    Various U.I. work examples, workflow explanation, and methodology from 2011